From our Fridge to yours.


(fin - o - kee - yo - na)
A tightrope walker. Karma. Our Finocchiona. Some things just can’t help but be perfectly balanced. Flavoured with fennel and a hint of red chilli, our Finocchiona slides right into that category.



(so - press - ah - tah)
Our Sopressata high-kicks the mediocre, lays waste to the plain, and breathes fire all over the boring. This spicy salami has no problem leaving a little destruction in its wake. You have been warned.


(stroll - ghee - no)
If Sophisticated Salami were a magazine, our Strolghino would be on the cover.  Even the most prolific salumi connoisseur would have an impossible time wrinkling their nose at our Strolghino. Just remember to eat it with your pinky out.