hanging meats
All meat Charcuterie board


At VDG Salumi, we love kick-ass food. Who doesn’t? That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to making only the finest of artisanal meats. What started as homegrown passion project evolved into something that was too good not to be shared, so here we are. All hail the carnivore.

All meat charcuterie board

What's your flavoUr

Whether you like it spicy, bold, simple, hot, or mild; we have the best salumi you’ll have. With local Albertan meat suppliers, our flavours have been raised right here in our backyard and will be sure to please your tastebuds- whatever the choice may be.

Stuart Kirton in the Kitchen

Sharing Our passion with you.

With a little bit of curiosity and a whole lot of passion, we have crafted VDG Salumi into a reality. And all we want to do is share our passion with you.